The mission

Hitting Trees with is dedicated to sharing original comics and artwork with the world.

The name

"Hitting Trees with Sticks" came about from an odd childhood hobby where I'd head into the woods after school to smash trees with sticks and throw rocks into lakes. Witnesses compared my actions to that of a Twig-Snapping Yeti, often claiming to hear light saber and explosion sound effects.

The site

All comics, artwork, and blog material on Hitting Trees with were created by Daniel Turcotte. I developed the website from scratch using PHP and MYSQL on WAMP local webserver.

To give some background, comedy and art have always been a part of my life, but I never really had a cool, unique place to share them. About a year ago, I was looking to do a project that would combine my interests in comedy and art, but also give me a chance to sharpen my development skills. It was around that time when I stumbled upon a comic website in which the creator designed, developed, wrote and drew everything by himself... That inspired me to start writing my own comics and crack open a couple books on web development.

After many hours of hard work, I finally have my very own website to share my comics and artwork with the world!

The Chinese blog?

Beyond artwork and comedy, my other passion is Chinese language and culture. I'm always looking for fun ways to keep learning the language; since I enjoy writing, I thought maintaining a Chinese blog would kill two birds with one stone.


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Thank you

I'd like to thank my family, friends, and the internets (big thanks to WAMP and the stackoverflow community!) for all of your help and encouragement.